Hi, I am new promoting at Folksy

I am new at promoting on Folksy, I hope to make new Friends as I promote my shops on the Folksy Site.

Here are a few items of my own which are on Folksy at present, also some items that I  have chosen from the site from other sellers.

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As you can see I love bright colours in everything I do, my grand daughter got me hooked on making clothes for Barbie type dolls, she gives me some great ideas and I have some too.  I just love making these clothes

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796 (4) (640x480)

I have been making Crochet blankets for many years and years again the bright colours I love, easier to make you smile and enjoy and brighten up any room.

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I worked for a company called Tri Chem many years ago, and fell in love with their fabric paints, I have made many of these cushion for my family and friends over the years and now only have a few left, I hope to start a new product soon……..

NC9 (3)  NC30 (1) NC19 (2) NC26 (1)NC36 (2)   NC29 (2)

I started crocheting these bolero for my grand daughter, she loves wearing them over her tops any time of the year, bright colours again dominate the choice, very pretty on very young girls……………..

NC73 BNC72 (1)NC71 (3)NC70 (2)NC74 (1)

I found this twist pattern scarf, I was told by a lady who sells me wool how to do the basic pattern, well as soon as I got home I started and made far to many for my family so offer the few I have left for sale.

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Nanny Cheryl Originals Buy on Line

Wife, mother, grandmother all my best work, now unable to work due to ill health, I have found my creative side again so much that I need to sell the extra items I make. It keeps me going, I like to swim and especially spend time with my family.

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