Gifts for children at Folksy

I have collated a few items under the heading of Gifts for

children at

Folksy,  Folksy is a UK selling base for hand crafts of all sorts,


different catagories to choice from.  See below,

a lovely set for a special baby, many more items on offer at
such a sweet item for a little girl to fill many more items on offer at
Beautiful so sweet , such a great gift for a little treasure see more at


great idea and great item, there are many more in a great place to shop for handmade items
such a beautiful item for your beautiful baby, great delicate work an item to keep forever and remember the early days of your baby for more items
some of the best crochet items I have found, so much fun, something to keep forever and far more to view at ,
my own shawl for your beautiful baby, I tend to use bright unusual colours unique see me on

My colleagues at Folksy have such beautiful individual work I shall add

more regularly as I get their permission to use their photos good luck

looking for your unique gift, there is far more to see at Folksy

Published by

Nanny Cheryl Originals Buy on Line

Wife, mother, grandmother all my best work, now unable to work due to ill health, I have found my creative side again so much that I need to sell the extra items I make. It keeps me going, I like to swim and especially spend time with my family.

5 thoughts on “Gifts for children at Folksy

      1. I am more than happy for you to include any of my items, it all helps reach a wider audience.

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